Manx Cat Café Ltd
Suite 1
First Floor
6-7 Church Street
Isle of Man




The Manx Cat Café has a single door entrance opening inwards.

The café is a single room situated on the first floor and is accessible by a flight of stairs fitted with two handrails followed by a small landing then a set of three steps up to the café entrance.

The café itself is a single level floor with no steps at the café immediate entrance.

We do not have a lift or wheelchair ramp due to the age and nature of the building.

We have a doorbell on the ground floor entrance should customers require assistance on entering the building. Wheelchairs can be stored inside the property for the duration of your visit.

There are separate ladies & gent’s toilets on the first floor with a few steps into each one.

Menus are printed in large font.

We have free Wi-Fi throughout the property.

Due to the nature of our business, we do have real live cats in the property so we would recommend customers with known allergies to cats, people who suffer from severe asthma or chest conditions consider very carefully before booking your visit. We also recommend bringing any medications you may require – antihistamines / Ventolin inhalers etc.


Parking: Church street is not accessible by vehicle, Shaw Brow Car Park is situated a short walk from the café.

Walking: Church Street is in the centre of Douglas.

Public Transport: Douglas Bus Station is approximately a 5 minute walk from the Café.

Taxi: Taxis will pick up and drop off at the top or bottom of Church street.