We don’t like ‘rules’ at the café but our top priority is the cats welfare so we would ask kindly that you read the house rules below before your visit to ensure the best possible experience for you and the wellbeing of our cats.


Pre visit

  • Well behaved children over 12 years of age only, this is to ensure a relaxing and calm environment for our cats and our customers. Sorry no children under this age are allowed in the café.
  • All children aged 12-17 years must be supervised by an adult (over 18 years) at all times.
  • No high heels or heavy work boots but please feel free to bring your own socks/slippers.

Fees & Booking

Please refer to our booking page


  • The entry to the café is a double door system – Please ensure the outer door is closed fully before entering through the second inner door)
  • Please do not arrive too early for your session as other customers may still be in the premises and there is no waiting area within the building.

Cat interaction

  • Do not feed the cats any human food or drink, some cats have dietary intolerances and feeding them may make them sick.
  • Do not pick up, hold onto or confine our cats in any way – they don’t like it.
  • Do not pull the cats tails (if they have one!) Yes……some Manx cats do have tails.
  • Do not disturb a sleeping cat, they may allow you to stroke them but please be gentle.
  • Do not disturb a cat when it is eating, some cats can protective of their food when strangers are around.
  • No loud noises/shouting – Manx Cat Café is designed to be a calm and relaxing environment for everyone to enjoy with our feline friends. Talk to our cats in a calm manner.
  • Do not crowd the cats, lots of people may spook them so please only approach in groups of 1-2 people. Respectively please allow other people to see the cats also.


  • Do not allow children to run around the café, this will not only distress our cats but staff may be carrying hot drinks.
  • Do not let children climb on the furniture.


  • Feel free to take as many photos as you like of our cats but please no flash photography.
  • Please do not use mobile phones or other devices to play music or videos. The café has a music system playing relaxing music for the benefit of both our cats and our customers.
  • We would also ask that you place your devices on ‘silent mode’ whilst in the café.
  • No smoking or vaping whilst in the café.
  • No laser pens or torches are allowed in the café.

Health & Safety

  • Please wash / sanitise your hands after handling the cats and before you eat.
  • Our cats are fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and regularly treated for parasites.
  • We do not recommend pregnant woman attend the café due to health & safety reasons.
  • We would advise pregnant women to seek advice from their medical practitioner before booking a visit.
  • Customers enter the café at their own risk.

Terms & Conditions

  • Liability is not accepted for damage or loss of property during your visit.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for a grumpy cat – we all have bad days! Cats have claws and teeth, they will generally steer clear of humans if they are in a bad mood and don’t want to interact, and they will rarely act aggressive unless the above rules are not followed.
  • Any breach of the rules or unruly behaviour which may put ours cats wellbeing at risk will result in your session being cancelled as of immediate effect with no refund.


Any complaints can be submitted in writing and posted to the following address,

Manx Cat Café
Suite 1
First Floor
6 Church Street