We at the Manx Cat Café are passionate about the environment and are doing all we can to prevent further damage by recycling and reusing whenever possible.


  • Our drinks are served in ceramic mugs, glasses, or recyclable cups.
  • Our cutlery is reusable silverware rather than plastic.
  • We have reusable travel mugs available for purchase which can be used in the café and taken away after your visit.
  • We use recyclable napkins and food containers which are made from recyclable materials and are biodegradable or compostable.
  • We recycle as much waste as possible where items are not reusable.
  • We use environmentally, and pet friendly, cleaning products which are not tested on animals.
  • We support local businesses wherever possible from purchasing our equipment and machines, to our consumables and produce.
  • Our logo and website were designed by local businesses. Our clothing is purchased and printed by local businesses. Even our cats are made locally!