Visit our Booking page for the latest pricing. The price includes one hot or cold drink per person. Additional drinks as well as cakes/snacks can be purchased during your stay. See our Menu.

Unfortunately we do not allow customers to bring their own cats into the café.

We only allow assistance dogs into the café, if you wish to book a session please email us beforehand.

We only allow well behaved children over the age of 12 years old. This is for the welfare of our cats. All children between 12-17 years old must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

We do not allow you to bring your own food and drinks into the café unless by prior arrangement due to food intolerances or allergies. We serve a small selection of cakes and snacks as well as hot & cold drinks.


At this time we do not have wheelchair access as our café is on the first floor. There is no wheelchair ramp or lift into the café.


Our maximum group booking is 4 people. The café is too small to accommodate large groups. Larger groups also tend to be louder and may scare the cats. If you wish to book a larger group please contact us.

Cat interaction

Our cats cannot tolerate human food and drink so please DO NOT feed them as they may become sick, some human foods can be toxic to cats. The cats may be interested in what you are eating and drinking, if this happens a member of staff will distract or remove them. If a staff member is not available then you may stop the cat by gently placing a hand between them and the food. Our cats are not hungry, they’re just good liars and think you have something better than they do. Food covers /boxes are also provided.

The cats have a variety of toys to play with but if you wish to bring along any toys the staff will let you know if they are suitable or not.

The cats are on a strict diet regime so any food or treats brought in may make them sick, you may see the café staff feeding the cats treats, these are brands we know they can tolerate and how much they can be fed. We feed them using enrichment techniques to promote the cats’ natural instinct to hunt for food.

Any items brought in that are not suitable for our cats can be left with us and we will happily donate them to a local animal charity.

Absolutely, we encourage interaction with the cats by stroking and playing but we cannot always guarantee they will be willing to socialise with you. Cats sleep for approx 16-18 hours per day so you may find they are asleep during your visit. Please do not wake a sleeping cat, they may allow you to stroke them gently while they are resting. We cannot be held liable for any injuries during your visit.

We would advise you to speak to a medical practitioner before booking your visit. We use HEPA air purifiers and clean the café regularly to reduce the amount of allergens.

About our Cats

Our cats belong to the owners of the cafe, they are GCCF (The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) registered and part of the GCCF Breeder Scheme . We have a passion for Manx cats and aim to help preserve this historical breed by responsible breeding. For more information visit the GCCF website.

No absolutely not, our cats are never kept in cages whilst they are in the café and are free to roam around where they please.

We have a double door system to reduce the chance of our cats escaping. Please ensure that the outer door to the café is closed securely before entering through the second door.